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Sascha Lafleur, Senior Principal Designer and Co-Founder of West of Main, carefully takes her client’s needs and lifestyle into consideration before diving into a décor project.

The Ottawa home furnishing store West of Main was founded in 2018 on the principles of a combined love of beauty in space and objects by Sascha and her husband Justin. “We have selected a unique combination of not only curated objects but also a way of putting it all together to create an unforgettable space. Furniture, lighting, rugs, mirrors, art pieces, décor, and other accessories are all drawn from our travel archive, to create a unique lifestyle destination,” describes Sascha of the shop’s vibe.

When it comes to creating dreamy bedroom spaces the designer digs deep with her clients to ask the hard questions. She needs to know if the bed is going to get made or not. There is no point in piling a bed with decorative pillows if they’re just going to create an obstacle course all over the bedroom floor. “The big thing we ask is whether someone makes their bed or not, to determine the look of layered pillows.” Sascha offers and goes on to explain, “There is always a way to make a bed beautiful with more or fewer pillows.” She notes that pillows come in a variety of sizes and styles so there is something to meet every client’s needs. Big firm pillows are great for reading in bed. Body pillows are ideal for comfort and stability and make an impact without the need for too many cushions.

Starting Out

Sascha takes a practical approach to tackling a bedroom project and advises that measuring and photographing the space is the first step to ensuring that you have a good handle on what the room needs. “Map out everything that will make the room practical for you—this process helps you analyze how you want to utilize your room.”

Finding a good rug for the space is crucial. Not a fan of wall-to-wall carpet, Sascha states that an area rug sets the tone and grounds the space to inject texture, colour, and pattern; the rest of the décor builds from there. Lighting is another crucial component that Sascha claims to be the “jewelry of the space as it elevates the decor and can set the mood.”

The Details

Regardless of how many cushions a bed is dressed with, Sascha suggests adding a throw or coverlet at the end of the bed to create a casual effortless look. Her go-to fabric is linen, but she is careful to ensure that her clients like the feel of it as much as she does. Washing linen as soon as it is purchased will soften the sheeting which can sometimes feel rougher than fine cotton. When it comes to colour, blue is a top choice for its relaxing quality, but Sascha has been gravitating to the greens and moving on to what she calls the dessert tones like chocolate mousse. “I prefer a monochromatic scheme with layers of neutrals like terracotta with blush undertones.”

Furniture Specifics

It’s crucial to ensure that the furniture is to the scale of the room. Creativity goes a long way within a small space. A bench that includes extra storage and night tables that double as dressers are ideal. If space allows, Sascha suggests a bedroom should have a bed, dresser, two nightstands, and some seating. “I really like a swivel chair and four-poster beds are very popular right now.”

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