School dress codePublished on September 12, 2016

  • Jenna, professor of social sciences
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Flic, preschool educator
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Amanda, Grade 6 teacher
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Rupa, co-op teacher
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Tiiu, Grade 5/6 teacher
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Dan, Grade 10 history teacher
    Photo by: Katie Hession

Having the perfect back-to-school outfit isn’t just for the kids. Teachers can also get in on the excitement of starting a new school year and making that official debut with a new class. We caught up with some local teachers in their best ‘First Day’ looks, and asked them how they like to unwind after a big week of teaching. These teachers get an A+ for a style!

“Doing a hot yoga class at Modern Body is the perfect way for me to begin or end a busy day of teaching. I’m able to get in an incredible workout, de-stress, and energize all at once. Getting to play the role of a student is an added bonus, and the teachers here are tremendously supportive and inspirational.”

WHO: Jenna, professor of social sciences
WHERE: Algonquin College
WEARING: Steve Madden booties / Banana Republic dress / Topshop blazer / H&M necklace

“After a busy day working with children, I love to wind down with a few hours of quiet fashion-history research and writing for my fashion and style blog – This pairs nicely with a G&T. It helps the words flow nicely, right?!”

WHO: Flic, preschool educator
WHERE: Carleton Memorial Daycare
WEARING: Stan Smith shoes / Gap skirt / H&M tank and bomber jacket

“At the end of a busy and exciting day of teaching, I like to unwind either at a class at Greco Westboro or by having a beer with friends at Tooth and Nail Brewery. But most often, simply sitting down to dinner with my family and hearing about everyone’s day. Balance is key for me.”

WHO: Amanda, Grade 6 teacher
WHERE: Elmdale Public School
WEARING: Charlie Jade dress from Alfred & Co /
Bertie shoes from Topshop London

“After working all week, I often go to Greco for a work out. I enjoy seeing my friends and pushing myself to do better, even when I don’t feel like going. Once I’m done, I look forward to spending my weekend with my family and friends.”

WHO: Rupa, co-op teacher
WHERE: Canterbury High School
WEARING: Guess boots / Monteau dress / H&M vest / J Crew necklace

“After work, I like to kick back by roller skating to some tunes at Ottawa Quad Session and get some grub with my friends at The Manx. That is where we come up with some of our best teaching ideas.”

WHO: Tiiu, Grade 5/6 teacher
WHERE: Churchill Alternative School
WEARING: Angela Scott shoes from Wolf & Zed / Gap pants / shirt and sunglasses from Victoire

“My ideal way to unwind after work is to play music with friends, visit the good brew people at Beyond the Pale, and spend time with my beautiful daughters.”

WHO: Dan, Grade 10 history teacher
WHERE: D’Arcy McGee High School
WEARING: PME Legend shirt from Holland / tie from a street stand in South Korea / Brax pants / OluKai shoes

Katie Hession

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