Ottawa At Home Contributors

Mary Taggart Editor In Chief

Mary Taggart

Next to her family and friends, OTTAWA AT HOME is Mary's passion. And along with the magazine’s editorial team, she strives to inspire readers to live stylish lives. Readers can rely on OTTAWA AT HOME to focus on home, food and living and expect the magazine to be their go-to resource for décor, design, fashion and lifestyle.

Olivia Taggart Web Editor

Olivia Taggart

Olivia Taggart studied Journalism at Northeastern University in Boston where she engaged in a variety of media formats including print and online writing. She has a passion for the written word and strong technical skills. As associate editor Olivia ensures that each feature is engaging. As web editor Olivia oversees the online content.

Paula Roy Food Editor

Paula Roy

Along with her regular contributions as food editor, Paula Roy has a knack for finding exciting new.happenings on the restaurant scene and bringing them to OTTAWA AT HOME in her Fresh Bites Column. Paula has a passion for food as a gourmet cook and innovative entertainer. Paula makes it her job to keep on top of all food-related issues so that readers are kept up to date.

Mark Holleron Photographer

Mark Holleron

Mark Holleron is an award-winning photographer with more than 25 years' experience. His natural photojournalist instincts and eye for detail create the visual appeal that makes OTTAWA AT HOME stand out. While Mark would claim his passion for photography makes his work feel like a hobby, he also makes time to nurture his passions for embracing life at play!

Catherine Clark Columnist

Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark is a respected national broadcaster and is president of Catherine Clark Communications. She is an active member in the community and gives much of her time to assisting with charitable organizations. Her Giving Back column offers her the opportunity to shine the light on local people and organizations whose generosity makes a difference to the Ottawa community.

Korey Kealey Food Contributor

Korey Kealey

As a food specialist with a passion for high quality, healthy ingredients, Korey brings unique ideas and recipes to her Food Thoughts column. Korey has a pulse on food trends as a media spokesperson and stays on top of all food-related issues to bring something fresh and innovative with each contribution.

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