Ship shapePublished on April 22, 2019

  • The open shelving mimics the airy feeling felt throughout
    Photo by: Jason Hartog

  • The Whirlpool Sunset Bronze fridge dictated the colour scheme
    Photo by: Jason Hartog

  • Bronze and brass mix and match throughout the space
    Photo by: Jason Hartog

  • Jo Alcorn has created the ideal entertaining space with her main floor redesign
    Photo by: Jason Hartog

  • Chic, compact furnishings are the finishing touch to the stylish renovation
    Photo by: Jason Hartog

Celebrity designer and HGTV design personality Jo Alcorn tackled a renovation in her own home with an inspiring approach to making the most of a galley kitchen.


The galley kitchen takes its name from a ship’s galley, which often packs as much as possible into a small, confined space. Known for being narrow and often closed in, the galley kitchen is efficient, but isn’t conducive to entertaining or accommodating multiple cooks.

Jo opened her kitchen to create a more efficient layout and larger floorplan. “It made the entire main floor seem bigger as we now use the wasted hall space, which lets the natural light pour in. This new layout makes entertaining much more efficient and enjoyable,” claims the respected designer.


The predominantly white colour scheme is injected with soft greys as well as pink and bronze tones, which stem from the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Suite appliances. In fact, the appliances dictated the colour scheme. “I designed my entire kitchen around the colour tone, which screamed to me to have a fresh white kitchen!” proclaimed Jo.

Working with a consistent, light and airy colour scheme and avoiding the use of too many materials the new kitchen gives the illusion of a larger space.


While some of the selections are right on trend, the overall look is timeless. The use of a classic marble subway tile, laid out in a herringbone pattern, is an example of combining traditional and trendy to create an up-to-date look that will stand the test of time.

Jo offers that, “Any time you can mix classic materials or lines with a bit of trendy patterns or finishes, the space will be timeless and unique. The unexpected colour tone of the Whirlpool appliances really made a modest statement while creating a fresh wow factor.”

While she acknowledges that it would have been nice to have a larger footprint to work with, Jo is delighted with the results. She made excellent use of the existing space and created a layout that not only functions efficiently, but offers a stylish approach to working with the challenging limitations of a galley kitchen.

“You have to be very smart with small spaces when it comes to using every inch, while also thinking of how to minimize visual clutter,” advises Jo.

The designer’s home is now a show piece for her winning style. It not only meets with Jo’s high standards, but the space also has a stamp of approval from her two rescued Jack Russell Terriers, Lucy and Ricky!

Mary Taggart

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