Rich & regal purplePublished on December 16, 2016

  • Benjamin Moore 

  • A Verus Art 3D re-creation of Van Gogh's Iris can be found at The National Gallery of Canada gift shop, $4,650

  • Purple iris is the sacred flower of the Greek goddess Iris, the messenger of love

  • Purple amethyst is legendary for its ability to soothe and calm emotions

  • Metallic lace & jersey gown, $268, Nordstrom

Purple: It’s the colour of royalty with calming influences, and is set to be the next hot topic for décor. Recently, Benjamin Moore named Shadow, a deep lilac shade, as its 2017 Colour of the Year.

When purple reigns, it’s a sure sign that good things are to come in the world of style and décor. In its true form, purple is rich and regal and calls for confidence in decorating and dressing. The colour is a statement of authority, while remaining slightly mysterious with an air of serenity.
Colours like yellow and green complement purple and liven up the somber shade, but a strong balance of white or neutral tones should be kept to guarantee that purple maintains its strength. A good dose of purple is the ideal way to add colour without creating chaos, as it ensures a restful space with personality.

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