Local Love: Luxe BistroPublished on March 16, 2020


What is the name of your business? Luxe Bistro

Where are you located? 47 York street in the heart of the Byward Market.

How long have you been in business? 17 years.

Can customers order from you online? Yes, we are on uber eats and doordash. Also, we will provide drive-by takeout as well as personal delivery of prepared meals and food staples to your home to avoid the grocery stores. Call 613-866-8256 or email noah@luxebistro.com.

Do you offer online gift certificates? Yes, online

What is your speciality? We are well known for our decadence, especially our steaks, seafood, and burgers.

A fun fact about your business? You can see a real slice of Ottawa here on any given night, from solo diners at the bar having a beer and watching a game, to a young couple for burgers and pop, to a table of people doing business over Tomahawk steaks, Alaskan king crab, and bottles of wine.

What will you miss day to day about your business, aside from the business aspect? Spending time with the great staff we have, as well as the amazing feeling when quality checking tables to guests raving about the food and service.

Anything else Ottawans should know about your business? This is a true family owned restaurant. I (Noah Firestone) work in the store every day (except Sundays which I spend with my family). I take care of everything from the staff, the books, the floor, the kitchen... when necessary, I can be found in the dish pit (which I actually kind of like for some reason). We also have a beautiful private dining and events space upstairs (LUXE LOFT) perfect for weddings and corporate events. This is only temporary, and as soon as it is safe, we will be back to making people happy with great food and service again.

Olivia Taggart

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