Keep It LightPublished on September 30, 2019

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  • These Java baskets range in price from $18–$75 at The Third World Bazaar

While wood is a material found in just about every room in the house, it has never been as on trend as it is today.

It came into vogue during the 1970s as more of a décor influence than merely a staple, taking on a variety of shades and shapes that were often heavy looking during the mod decade. Beamed ceilings, paneled walls and teak furnishings were all the rage, combined with heavily textured fabrics.

Moving towards 2020 we see influences from Scandinavian style, which has been so popular in current spaces. The look and feeling is light and airy. Wood, as a prominent feature, is kept light using beech, ash and light-stained pine.

Lighter flooring choices lead the way for a bright, open feeling within the home. Marie Hill, a design consultant with Westboro Flooring & Décor, advises against using yellow hues to achieve this. “The current trend with hardwood is lighter tones which create a natural feeling in the space. The key is to lean towards beige undertones and steer away from yellow. The top sellers now are white oaks and bare maples, that lend a more relaxed, Scandinavian feeling to the home,” she says.

Neutral, clean-looking furnishings and flooring will be wildly popular in the coming year. The look combines sturdy wood features with softer textures like wicker and woven goods. Floors are kept bare except for area carpets in principal rooms.

Find wicker lamps dangling from the ceiling, woven baskets doing double duty for kitchen storage and wide-weave, reed-style plant holders making their way into casual living spaces.

Visit the Third World Bazaar (opening September 27th, running for seven weekends) to find a variety of wood and woven items for sale. For more info

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