What's old is newPublished on September 30, 2019

  • Alice Restaurant
    Photo by: Jamie Kronick

  • This year is a new beginning for three small Ottawa businesses
    Photo by: Jamie Kronick

  • Viens Avec Moi Boutique

  • Twiss & Weber
    Photo by: Dani-Elle Dubé

This year is a new beginning for three small Ottawa businesses as they make the move to new locations in the city. The trio, which all resided just blocks away from one another along Wellington St. W, are now setting up shop closer to downtown.

Alice Restaurant

Alice Restaurant itself is new to Ottawa’s foodie scene, but it is Chef Briana Kim’s second local restaurant. Her first eatery, Café My House, was on Bank Street before relocating to Hintonburg and served the public for a decade before closing in January this year.

Months later, the award-winning chef opened her new culinary venture on 40 Adeline St. in Little Italy. It’s a vegetable-focused restaurant which serves an eight-course, blind-tasting menu. The space itself is light and airy with a charming simplicity that promotes a quaint and intimate environment.

“Our focus is bringing a modern and creative fine-dining experience using plant-based ingredients and vegetables,” says Briana, who was the 2017 winner of Gold Medal Plates Ottawa.

Patrons will be introduced to a new high-end menu every six weeks. Natural wine pairings and alternative pairings of non-alcoholic beverages, made in house, will complete any tasty dish and satisfy the palate.

Viens Avec Moi Boutique

After eight years in business, viens avec moi had become somewhat of a staple in Wellington Village. However, the women’s clothing and accessory boutique will be making its new home in The Glebe at 797 Bank St. in September.

Owners Sophie Beaudoin and Renée Morra’s love of travel, cottage life and nature have inspired the shop and its fashion lines, which tend to be a mix of bohemian and trendy. That signature feel will continue with the new store, but shoppers can also expect some updates with fresh, rich and modern elements, plus new clothing lines like Vero Alfie and Ivy Lee among others.

“We have dedicated ourselves to offering a unique, excellent and pleasant shopping experience by curating fashion-forward lines at affordable prices,” says Renée. “We personally do all of the buying, and we take pride in the attention to detail we give when we curate our lines for customers.”

Twiss & Weber

Laura Twiss and Tonia Weber first started working together as knitwear-pattern makers and fibre artists in 2009. Now, the two entrepreneurs own and operate a women’s boutique that features locally-made clothing designed by the duo, as well as other Ottawa designers like Stephanie Davis Designs, Seven Sisters Apparel, Sabrina Jade Designs and more.

With Twiss & Weber’s new location at 443A Sussex Drive, shoppers can expect a new and unexpected line of perfume; continued cross-promotions with local businesses like The Saucy Milliner, Isabel’s and Schad Boutique, plus new artwork from Wellington West artists Andrea Stokes, Alison Fowler and Steven Artelle.

Dani-Elle Dubé

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