Spring fashionPublished on May 11, 2018

  • Blazer and skirt: Rachel Sin Purse: Aldo (St. Laurent) Shoes: L’Intervalle
    Photo by: Tia Photography

  • Purse: Aldo (St. Laurent)
    Photo by: Tia Photography

  • Earrings: Vintage Glory 22
    Photo by: Tia Photography

  • Pleated Dress: Banana Republic
    Photo by: Tia Photography

  • Jumpsuit: RW & CO
    Photo by: Tia Photography

  • Dress: Tristan
    Photo by: Tia Photography

  • Wide leg trouser: RW & CO
    Photo by: Tia Photography

Wearable & Bright

There’s nothing like blooming flowers and chirping birds to add a spring to our fashion step. This season is especially exciting, as new collections promise a magnificent display of bright colours, patterns and wearable trends.

Blooming florals

Flowers are not exactly ground-breaking for spring, but this season’s blooms are literally jumping off fabrics and accessories in 3D.

Mellow yellow

Fun colours like yellow are dominating the spring fashion scene. With so many variations of bright colours on the shelves—from soft pastels to loud hues—it’s easy to find something for all skin tones.

Geometric shapes
A lot of our bling this season is taking us back to grade five geometry classes. These earrings get an A+ in style.


Continuing strong into the spring and summer months, pleats are feminine way to add dimension without adding bulk.

Jumpsuit for joy

With more styles, fabrics and silhouettes than ever before, the jumpsuit trend has proved it has serious staying power.

Tropical treasures
Borrowed from Mother Nature’s most exotic places, everything from palm leaves to cockatoos are making an appearance in spring clothes.

Go wide or go home
After what seems like an eternal season of skinnies, our pant hems are giving way to wider fashion frontiers. If you are on the petite side, pair this trend with heels for a flattering look.

Mary Ciancibello

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