The mysterious world 
of tweensPublished on April 30, 2017

  • Sarah
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Liam
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

Ahhh, tweenhood . . . that time when your child limbos between a sweet, cuddly angel to a full-blown hormonal and mood-swinging adolescent.

It’s a peculiar time for both parent and child. Tweens are struggling with their anatomy and changing body odor, as mom and dad are left scratching their heads. If there is one distinct characteristic that all tweens have it is this: they are all attempting to find their independence, and that includes making their own food, music, and fashion choices.


Since many Canadian families are embracing a healthier approach to food, good food choices taught during childhood seem to follow kids into the tween years. With their disposable income (birthday money, allowances, side jobs), some tweens gravitate to your typical, greasy fast-food options, yet many choose healthier options like sandwich places and sushi.

Tweens have also taken an interest in experimenting with cooking and baking.  Shows such as Masterchef Junior and all kinds of DIY videos have made it cool to be in the kitchen. Many tweens have impressive culinary skills, mastering such delicacies as the omelet and the cupcake.


In an age when kids are more socially aware and brand savvy, tweens are looking to create their own style as they aspire to become like their teen elders.

Comfort is still important, but looking “sick” (not cold or flu sick, but SIIICK sick) is also up there on the list of priorities. Clothing is less about bows and sparkles, and more about t-shirts with catchy (and hashtaggable) sayings and high-top shoes. Classics such as GAP still have their place, and fast-fashion stores such as H&M, Garage, and Forever 21 are gaining in popularity.


It’s undeniable that young sensations like Ariana Grande, Alessia Cara and Shawn Mendes are a big hit with this age group. The easiest way to get a tween girl and her friends squealing is by promising Taylor Swift concert tickets.

It surprised me, however, to find out that some tweens also like to have older and more cultivated artists such as Bruno Mars, Adele, and even Michael Jackson on their playlists. And, remember the days of watching Much Music all day waiting for your favorite music video to play? These kids have it made with apps like Vimeo and Youtube available at their fingertips (literally).

So, if you are currently wondering if your 12-year-old has snuck on eye shadow, or if three hours of video games has turned your baby into a zombie – and if you’re trying to unravel the world of Snapchats and text that read POS, IDK, and RME – you are not alone. We’re all in this tween thing together!

At least we have the teen years to look forward to . . . LMHO.

Sarah: Pink tee, jacket, high-waist torn jeans, from Garage, St Laurent
Sunglasses, necklace, from American Eagle Outfitters Baseball cap, embellished backpack, sneakers, from Aldo

Liam: Hoodie, joggers, ball cap, from American Eagle Outfitters, 
St Laurent. 
Nike Airforce one sneakers, Elite Versatility crew baseball socks, models own.

Mary Ciancibello

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