fitnessPublished on March 6, 2017

  • CTV Ottawa Morning Live host Lianne Laing brings her work-out routine home
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Photo by: Mark Holleron

Gliders, and/or sliders, depending on your floor of choice, have become some of my favourite tools for at-home workouts. Keep in mind that as long as the Lego pieces and popcorn kernels have been picked out of the carpet, you should be good to go!


Gliding discs, or alternatively, plastic plates or Frisbees on carpet, and hand towels on hardwood or tiled floor.

 ABS: Do “mountain climbers” by gliding the knees forward towards elbows. Aim for 30-45 second sets. Increase the intensity and speed for a cardio boost.
Another great variation is holding a plank position to move legs side-to-side to target your oblique muscles. Opt to do both legs at the same time, firing the inner thighs. Burn lower abs by bringing legs from a plank stance to a pike stand – all while the legs glide into position.

LEGS: Looking to wear those tight shorts in the back of the drawer by summer? Target legs through lunging – front, back or side. Instead of picking up the leg, you can slow down the momentum and pull legs in or out, sliding and gliding your feet along the ground. Aim for deep movements.

CHEST: Change up the pushup by gliding each arm to the side like a chest fly exercise. If the carpet is plush, do both arms at the same time.


 As the body adapts, you need to constantly change up your workout and your movements to see results. These are a fun ways to try something new – be creative and enjoy getting fit at home!  

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