We whisk you a merry ChristmasPublished on December 4, 2016

  • Dan, baker at Life of Pie in Old Ottawa South
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Jessica, baker at Bread by Us in Hintonburg
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Josephine, baker at Little Jo Berry‚Äôs ‚Ä®in Wellington West
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Michael, baker at Holland‚Äôs Cake ‚Ä®and Shake in Hintonburg
    Photo by: Katie Hession

  • Michou, baker at Art-Is-In Bakery
    Photo by: Katie Hession

So many memories are made by baking for loved ones around the holidays. It causes us to slow down and really savour the season. Whether you recreate the same family recipe each year, experiment with new ones or just love being on the receiving end, freshly-baked holiday treats are a big part of the tradition. We caught up with five local bakers to discover the favourite treats that they will be baking for their loved ones this holiday season.

“This Thanksgiving, I worked out a new recipe for cheesy-apple pie with sharp cheddar shredded into the dough for the crust, and a bit of smoked cheddar mixed into the filling. I love the traditional dishes of the season, but I never feel satisfied unless I’ve put some sort of spin on them ‚Ä®to make them my own.”
—Dan, baker at Life of Pie in Old Ottawa South

“My favourite treat to make around the holidays is a German sweet bread called Stollen. It is full of nuts and fruit and marzipan, brushed in melted butter, and tossed in icing sugar. It is intricate to make and requires lots of patience and skill. It is the perfect challenge and the rewards are stunning.”
— Jessica, baker at Bread by Us in Hintonburg

“Being able to feed people and make them feel warm and comforted is always such a treat. Around the holidays even more so, because of all the fun recipes you get to try. My all-time favourite treat to make for the holidays? Vegan eggnog cupcakes, and of course anything with candy cane.”
— Josephine, baker at Little Jo Berry’s ‚Ä®in Wellington West

“At Christmas, I always try to make my mother’s shortbread cookies. One year, I made her show me exactly how she made them, even taking precise notes. To this day, I still can’t do them as good as her. Despite having over 20-years experience as a pastry chef, my mother still puts me to shame. She is the original Overlord.”
— Michael, baker at Holland’s Cake ‚Ä®and Shake in Hintonburg

“Baking from scratch is something that has been passed down through the generations in my family since my grandmother went to culinary school in the 1920s. Being Quebecois, we of course make tourtiere and sugar pies around the holidays. I love now seeing my two sons becoming part of the tradition.”
— Michou, baker at Art-Is-In Bakery

Katie Hession

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