Winning stylePublished on May 29, 2019

Photo by: Mark Holleron

Victoria Adams bought her home in Kanata Lakes sixteen years ago, and it has been a work in progress for the vibrant and creative marketing specialist. She has worked diligently with projects, both inside and out, upgrading from original builder options to incorporate up-to-date stylish finishes and fixtures.

On the main floor, a bright partially-open plan has a modern feeling to it. The original staircase with a traditional maple banister didn’t suit Victoria’s vision, so down it came.

The result showcases a winning combination of stone, glass and metal in a contemporary style that is far more suited to the furniture and aesthetic that Victoria is working to create. In fact, it’s such a showstopper that it was the winning submission in our Get Stoned contest. Victoria says that, “Each time we tackle a renovation project, the goal is to create a work of art.”

The stunning staircase functions as a showpiece. It’s the first thing you see upon entering the home and is visible throughout most of the main floor. The glass banister with metal railings and posts not only complements the look, but helps to lighten the effect of the dark stone. Updated lighting, including an overhead chandelier and spotlights, enhances the artistic feeling within the space.

Project details
Realstone Systems Thinstone was purchased through Merkley Supply and installed by Integrity Masonry. The project designer was Josee Van Dromme.

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