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A fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards transforming a space without spending a fortune. But if the colour choices are wrong, things can become costly to more than just your wallet!

Your health may be at stake too, as the colours that surround us can dramatically affect mood and energy levels. Colour therapists believe in the energy of colour and how it corresponds to our organs, and practitioners work to balance energy through colours that are matched to the organs. Surrounding our bodies with corresponding colours can promote healing in affected areas – for example violet is associated with the brain and nervous system, and shades of purple create a sense of calm.

This thought process can be taken into your décor to create an environment that is soothing and tranquil. Your colour choices can work to heal and nurture by creating a sanctuary within your environment. Understanding the powers of colours and matching these strengths with how you relate to them will go a long way towards creating a livable atmosphere.

Most paint colour selections for home décor are the results of tints or shades from those on the colour wheel. Take the time to get to understand how you react to each colour.


The calming effects of purple are similar to those of the lavender herb. An environment with purple in its midst offers a sense of calm and richness, depending on the depth of the shade. The regal colour lifts mood and spirits and stimulates creativity, but has been known to aggravate emotional issues and addictive personalities. It is ideally used within environments intended to promote calm.


Yellow, the brightest colour in the spectrum, brings light and vibrancy to the room. The uplifting qualities of yellow aid depression, fatigue and mental strain. However it can also increase hyperactivity, promote fear and jealousy. Combine yellow with blue to strike a harmonious balance.


Blue is considered to be magical with its combined uplifting abilities and power to inject a sense of calm and serenity. Blue is thought to aid insomnia, anxiety and low self-esteem. But this colour does live up to the notion of “feeling blue” with its cool qualities that can contribute to feelings of isolation and seasonal affective disorder.


Red is used to soothe aching muscles and enhance circulation and improve energy levels. But be wary of the aggressive powers of this stimulating colour – too much red can aggravate anger, sleep disorders and high blood pressure.


Green, the colour of nature, is symbolic to life, freshness and harmony. It is the most versatile of all colours and can easily work its way into any colour and décor scheme, depending on the shade. This fresh colour helps with breathing disorders, stress and poor circulation. Green can aggravate nausea, lethargy and resentment, so be wary of which spaces carry this nourishing shade that carries a hint of jealousy.

Mary Taggart

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