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Although the kitchen sink is likely the highest functioning part of the home it can also set the tone for the décor and style. Tapping into trends and checking out global inspiration can help you make the right choice for long-term satisfaction. Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design for the UK-based kitchen retail and design specialists Magnet, highlights what to look for in 2022.

Ceramic sinks 

Want to inject some celebrity style into your kitchen? Go with a ceramic sink like Kendall Jenner and Gordon Ramsay. The farmhouse style has had its time in the spotlight and is here to stay so go ahead and let the deep basin design transform your space to a classic or more traditional look. The leaning towards a more rural aesthetic is the cause for demand for ceramic sinks. They are durable, easy to clean and highly resistant to staining and scratches so work well for a busy family kitchen.

Workstation or multi-use sinks

It’s hard to beat the practicality and convenience of ‘workstation sinks.’ Despite the sink already being one of the most useful features in the kitchen, a workstation sink advances this. The innovative design efficiently uses space to allow users to prepare and cut food directly over the sink, also helping to avoid the spread of germs around the rest of the kitchen.

Large single basin sinks 

A larger kitchen can handle the double basin sink but for smaller spaces try the larger and deeper single basin sinks, they have become a more popular alternative. 

Undermount sinks 

Undermount sinks are installed under the level of the worktop creating a seamless design. These types of sinks save space and create a clean and sleek look which is great for minimalist-style kitchens. 

Kitchen island sinks

While many customers design their kitchen with sinks facing a window, there has been a rise in sinks being placed in kitchen islands. This trend is often seen amongst customers who plan to use their kitchen as a hosting space as it allows for easier socializing and makes an ideal location for family-style living.

Corner sinks

Smaller kitchens have created a rise in demand for corner sinks. Despite being harder to install and dependent on your existing plumbing, corner sinks are a great option for kitchens with limited surface area. Having the sink placed in the corner can maximize often-neglected space, helping to make smaller kitchens more efficient and usable.

Black sinks

Another trend becoming more apparent in recent years is the rise in demand for black sinks. Kitchen sinks are often understated in terms of color so the increasing popularity of darker colored sink makes a striking style statement. Glossy or matte, this alternative color can help make your sink a sophisticated focal point. They are particularly a great choice for modern kitchens, as well as industrial-inspired spaces. 

Copper or Brass sinks 

While stainless steel sinks are still the most purchased style of sink due to their durability and universal style, there has been an increasing rise in alternative metallic sinks—with copper and brass leading the way. These on-trend colors are a step away from tradition but offer timeless style to both classic and modern spaces. 

Utility sinks

Another key trend we will see more of this year is a greater focus on utility room sinks. Stainless steel, ceramic and composite materials are a great choice for these types of sinks as they are hard-wearing and able to withstand day-to-day bumps and scratches that are typical of utility space. We have also seen a rise in requests for utility spaces that incorporate a separate station for dog washing, which requires a larger basin to be able to clean your four-legged friend.

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