Buy Canadian Published on June 27, 2018

  • Craft Collective Antler Coat Shield, from The Modern Shop

  • Ottawa map pillow from Canadian Made Gifts, the Rideau Centre

  • Le Germain linens available at Simons

  • Place dining table, from EQ3

Buying Canadian has become a popular mantra of late for some pretty obvious reasons. But finding high quality Canadian made home décor products isn’t quite that simple.

If you do a little research you’ll find a variety of ways to bring Canadian made products into your home. Many businesses are recognizing the importance of helping shoppers buy Canadian. Retailers like La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries are working to promote their Canadian made furniture lines. And the hospitality industry is doing the same. Quebec based hotelier Hotel Le Germain launched a line of 330 thread count, cotton and bamboo linens with Simon’s department stores, a Quebec based retailer.  While it’s an obvious marketing opportunity it also helps Canadians to feel connected with their patriotic side.

Canadian style often pays homage to the rustic side of Canada. Roughhewn finishes and rustic elements have been associated with Canadian style. The look that relates to bespoke craftsmanship is gaining in popularity globally now that being Canadian is right on trend!

Buying Canadian doesn’t have to mean rustic. Home furnishing store EQ3 has a variety of Canadian made pieces including the slick glass and wood Place dining table by Canadian designer Shawn Place that would fit perfectly within a modern space.

Many artisans are open to commissioned pieces and work with clients to come up with the right design. Historic Building Company, based in Gananoque, offers distinctive custom design that honours timeless quality.

While bespoke furnishings have been popular for a while, convenience and the need for immediate satisfaction can turn consumers to big box stores. Thinking has changed recently and people are willing to wait for the quality that comes with custom furnishings. Even better when they are custom crafted right here in Canada.
Local craftsman David Bradley from Craft Collective in Wakefield, Quebec sells furnishings with a modern minimalist design. He can also get playful, like the wall décor found at The Modern Shop on Sussex Dr, that carries David’s walnut and birch antler coat rack.

Canadian made goods are often associated with cottage décor given the beauty of our lakes and rivers. This summer pop into Canadian Made Gifts before heading to a cottage and pick up an Ottawa map pillow; it’s the ideal cottage gift!

From whimsical accessories that honour Canadian heritage to chic furnishings, embrace the stylish side of Canadian made goods and bring them into home décor with true north pride.

Mary Taggart

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