All in good timePublished on April 24, 2016

Mary Taggart Photo by: Mark Holleron

As a mother, I throw quotes about patience out to my family. They will hear me say things like, “good things come to those who wait” or “patience is a virtue.” But, I’m not sure that I would be considered the most patient person on a day-to-day basis. I like to see things get done, make quick decisions and don’t like anything holding me back once I have my mind set on an accomplishment. 

However, I do have the strength to wait things out and understand the importance of timing by waiting for the right time to come around. So, for life as a whole, perhaps I do practice patience.

Also, I do believe in the stages of life; that it’s better not to rush through one stage to get to the next, but to savour moments of time and anticipate the future with reservation. Likewise, I see the renovation process in the same way, and it seems that this way of thinking is becoming a trend.

Not many people would have the patience to move into an untouched 75-year-old home like the Glebe homeowners in our renovation feature on page (16).  But their methodical and unhurried approach ended with spectacular results. A young family in McKellar Park worked carefully with their designer on their home’s makeover, revamping it one room at a time. While they wait for the renovation process to continue, they take the time to thoroughly enjoy the dramatic spaces that have been transformed (page 12).

Renovating in stages is sheer brilliance for younger homeowners who are ditching the common attitude of getting it all done right away. This new outlook allows for the evolution of a growing family, takes budget limitations into account and reaps the benefits of waiting to see exactly what you need at exactly the right time.

To hear what gardening expert Carson Arthur has to say, check out our Step Inside feature. He talks about how millennials are keen to grow their own vegetables and leave less of a footprint behind, which further confirms our trending theme on the strong virtues of patience by ensuring things are done well, at just the right time, for just the right reasons.

Smell the roses,


Mary Taggart

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