Reflections Published on February 13, 2019


  • Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Barefoot Venus Mustard Bath, $19.99, Terra20

  • Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, $51 (200 g) Sephora

  • Lavender candle, $21.99, Whole foods

The winter issue is our Heritage & Restoration edition; it is a theme that always causes me to ponder a little deeper than usual. As a decorator, I embrace change and progress within my space, and as a magazine editor I relish the opportunity to step into homes to check out renovations, improvements and inspiring design. As a fifty-something woman…well, that’s another story!

Often a renovation means to undo, rework and recreate. But a thoughtful process will look at heritage to restore natural beauty. This issue takes into consideration the history of a home, where it has come from and where it’s going from a design perspective, with houses in the Glebe, Rockcliffe Park and Island Park that have each been restored with detailed precision. Each of our features reflects the idea of preservation right down to the simple notion of preserving winter skin within our beauty feature.

The older I get, the more I think about preserving what I have, from my skin to my home. The beauty of growing older is finally realizing that what we want is often right in front of us—the chase is behind us and the time for reflection and enjoyment has settled in—and it feels good! Don’t get me wrong, I still have a few home improvements in the works, but now I also have the luxury of appreciating what we already have.

My home is my refuge, and I treat it accordingly with spaces that offer me opportunities to restore sanity and preserve the self that can sometimes get lost along the highway of a busy life. Furnishings, collections, artwork and simple rituals like my end of day, or even early-morning bath, offer me time to reflect on what’s happened and what is to come. My space has been a work in progress, and its most important characteristic is that it is a true reflection of me.

Before you tackle that next renovation project, take some time to consider your home and its roots. There was something about its heritage that attracted you to it, so honour that attraction and reflect on its initial allure. And dig deeper to rediscover yourself—reflect on where you’ve been and ponder where you’re heading to now. Stay home for a while and explore your personal and physical heritage before tackling the next home or self-improvement project.

In reflection,



Mary’s Must-Haves

The scent of lavender, therapeutic bath salts and a luxurious body scrub have restorative qualities.

  • Barefoot Venus Mustard Bath, $19.99, Terra20
  • Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, $51 (200 g) Sephora
  • Lavender candle, $21.99, Whole foods

Mary Taggart

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