‚ÄúTo thine own self be true.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ William ShakespearePublished on September 21, 2017

Mary Taggart Photo by: Mark Holleron

Sometimes it’s good to dig deep and take a soulful look at your approach to lifestyle. It might be surprising to see an unexpected cohesiveness
and a greater connection to roots.

I will always maintain a touch of elegance with my entertaining style. This has been passed down from my grandmother and my mother, who continues to replenish my china cabinet with old-world treasures. Colour will remain a constant in my décor; my grandmother’s living and dining room walls were the most soothing turquoise blue I have ever felt.

Michaëlle Jean, this edition’s Outstanding Canadian, holds her Haitian heritage deep within her as she infuses elements of this artistic culture in many aspects of her working life. In our conversation we discovered  a mutual love of connecting with colour and, while I know this woman has great accomplishments, I was particularly drawn to her passion for home. It is a sentiment that the busy world can relate to.  Read more about this Canadian gem on page 69.

Canadian design star Tommy Smythe shares his style with Vera Cody in our Step Inside column (page 14), and like me, speaks of his grandmother and the tremendous effect she has had on his style and career. Kimberley Seldon is a touch more pragmatic and credits her honest, open approach to life as the reason for attracting dream clients (page 47). She is rooted in both Canada and the United States, but can’t be pinned down to either country’s particular style, as her style stems from her authenticity.

Designers have the good fortune of self-awareness! How else would we be able to shift gears and impose different selections from one client to another? But, make no mistake; each designer you meet brings their individual roots with them. So, when choosing a designer, do a little background checking to find one who shares your passions, ideas and tastes. It will likely result in making you feel right at home in your space.



Mary Taggart

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