Decades of stylePublished on September 12, 2016

Photo by: Mark Holleron

It’s true for both décor and fashion: trends come and go. But what remains intact is personal style; and it speaks volumes about who you are. Our personal style moves with us through life’s changes, not just in our fashion sense or decorating flair, but also in our coping skills and how we approach the transitional periods of life.

As we reflect on decades past, we see how history influences style and represents the time and place of its milieu. In this issue, we pay homage to décor of the past and reveal how it has inspired new products picking up on old trends. In our New & Now Design feature we see the return of elements like stone, cork and glamour in design details. Capital Colours features the tailored influence of the ‘40s through wallpaper, and our fashion page displays pieces with iconic sway.

I am always drawn to influences from the 70s in music and its boho vibe in fashions. But I also have a little 80s glam in me too, and have been known to throw in a bit of 90s rocker every once in a while. These three decades have impacted me the most, and I like to think that I take a little from each era in every aspect of my life. While it shows a bit of a laid-back style with kick-ass attitude in a glamorous sort of way, it also suits my style and the approach I take to decorating, dressing and dealing with life as a whole.

I applaud our Personal Profile and Let’s Dish features where both subjects open up about challenging stages of their lives. They talk with respective flair about how they have moved forward to learn from the past and tackle the future, while being true to themselves.

Stay Stylish, 

Mary Taggart

Mary Taggart

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