Getting creativePublished on August 17, 2009

  • Mary Taggart, Editor in chief

This issue has been a thrill for all of us to work on! We have each had the opportunity to learn and feel inspired by the talented people who have come together to make our "art issue" not only an interesting read, but visually one of the most appealing issues we have created.

Although I've been an art lover for a long time and know what I like, I admit that I often have no clue why! Growing up, my parents usually purchased artwork on a seasonal basis - like a new coat. Other people tend to make an impulse buy of something they cannot live without. I, on the other hand, cannot lose the decorator within me and go for inspiring pieces that work with my décor. Apparently, this is a faux pas in the art world as the expert advice is to just simply buy what you like. For more amusing insight on this, read Laura Byrne Paquet's interesting column.

Buying art seems to be a rite of passage. A home finally looks all grown up when the posters from university days are long gone and replaced with original pieces of art. Although, our "Living/In Style" feature on Maureen O'Neil's fabulous collection of framed concert posters from the Ď60s makes us pine for some of that past artwork. The unique style of this clever collector is a tribute to a love of art in all forms.

One of my first purchases of original art was a Katerina Mertikas painting, which made my visit with her particularly enjoyable. I am not the only one who had fun with the prep work; Andrea Douglas met two adorable art collectors under the age of one! In "Living/My Way" you'll meet a family who takes their artistic pursuits very seriously.

Family life plays a leading role with our profiled artist Catherine Whitla, who shares her creative side with Araina Bond. Creativity runs high in the renovated home of Katherine Jeans, where she showcases her own works of art and lives with her talented family.

We get creative with "Fab Finds" to offer some helpful advice on creating artful displays with shelving units. There are more?tips-a-plenty as Jane Whiting unearths some secrets to the art of framing and hanging; Hattie Klotz checks out four local galleries; and Jessica Ruano tells us where to find great theatre this fall.

As always, our food section offers inspiration. Korey Kealey demystifies a favourite salad and Paula Roy shows us how to combine our love for the arts and food.

Finally, we meet a woman who has made a career out of her passion for art in "Giving Back."

Wishing you much joy and inspiration as you devour our art issue with your mind and eye!

Mary Taggart

Editor in chief

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