Changing traditions Published on November 14, 2015

  • Antique pillow, a gift from my mother

  • Lenox china, Holiday pattern

  • Presidentís Choice Christmas crackers

  • Mary Taggart

As the holiday season begins, we can't help but notice a shift in the air. The crisp atmosphere embraces the spirit of the season and the warm ambience turns our thoughts to time-honoured family traditions. 

Memories conjured by the sights, sounds and smells transport us back to our own past celebrations, which we often seek to recreate. But as Stephen Hawking so eloquently stated: "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change," and with our evolving lifestyles we also need to embrace new traditions.

In this issue we meet several people who have adapted to changing traditions, bringing with them only the most meaningful elements of their past rituals and carrying forward with new customs. Our style and beauty contributor Melissa Shabinsky shares how she eased into converting to Judaism, and radio personalities Stuntman Stu and Connie Bernardi let us step inside their home to see how they capture the very best of everything within their multi-faith holiday celebrations.

In my home, a slight shift is beginning as my older children feel the influences of their significant others and start to get a sense of varied traditions. I know that soon the time will come when one of them will announce that Christmas plans will take them away from our home. I am bracing myself for this, but I have the confidence to know that years of fun holiday memories will stay with them, even if they can't be home for Christmas.

My children know they will always be able to count on me being in the kitchen for most of the day, prepping for what I love to do most - creating holiday magic for my family. It's a tradition that we can adapt with ease to accommodate all the changes that life decides to throw our way.

The stockings will be hung, the tree decorated, and full candy bowls and Christmas books will be scattered over the tables. I will still prepare the turkey, the stuffing, the gravy and cranberry jelly even if our house is only half full, because that's part of our holiday tradition that I will strive to keep as my family grows and evolves.

Cheers to whatever is to come Ö


Merry's Must-Haves

Collected china, toss pillows and Christmas crackers are festive elements I can't live without during the holiday season!

Lenox china, Holiday pattern

President's Choice Christmas crackers

Antique pillow, a gift from my mother

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