"LIFE IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Published on June 20, 2015

  • Mary Taggart

Road trips and summer go hand in hand. And Ottawa and its surrounding areas offer myriad routes to find some adventuresome fun. 

A drive down Bank Street to Morrisburg brought us back to a time when bread came fresh from the oven and wool blankets were made straight from the sheep as we visited Upper Canada Village. We explored the area and discovered there was so much fun to be had just an hour outside of Ottawa - where water and land come together in a quintessential summer setting. 

Our summer issue also packs in heaps of inspirational cottage décor. You can check out a variety of vacation homes that not only offer chic décor ideas, but also feature the sentimental elements that make them a retreat for their owners. I always look forward to the opportunity to step into summer spaces to discover what makes people so excited to pile into their cars and journey to their vacation places with the trace of a smile the whole ride there. 

Most of us hold on to summer memories from our youth and some are able to recreate them year after year, from generation to generation. We took a drive up to Norway Bay, a town reputed for its idyllic charm, where cottagers cherish their past and strive to preserve it for themselves as much as for their children. Holding on to memories in hopes of recreating them for our descendants is an important part of summer for many. 

There is just something about a summer road trip that helps time to stand still. No matter how slick the ride, we still all have hints of days gone by as we climb into the car to head out on the open road to discover something new, while recreating something old. 

Whether it's a car game from our youth, a retro playlist or simply the ability to open the window and breathe in the seasonal air, it transports us to a more carefree existence and reinforces the importance of taking time to smell the roses. 

Having uninterrupted time in the car to collect thoughts, share stories or simply spend quality time is perhaps the most meaningful element of many a journey. Be it long or short, never discount the significance of time spent on the open road with nothing to stop the flow of conversation and the freedom of thoughts. 

Cherish the journey, 


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