Elements of precisionPublished on May 11, 2015

  • Ensuite tile from Euro Tile & Stone

  • Arctic white granite countertop

  • Custom concrete sink and countertop

The attention to detail is evident from the moment you pull into the driveway of Simon Frigon's home in Gatineau. Meticulous details such as the copper chimney, gutters and roof accents heighten the anticipation of what awaits inside. 

As the founder and CEO of cdrg+REDTEAM, Canada's largest co-operative of property design and rebuild craftsmen, Simon is committed to building, renovation and restoration with a dedication to detailed design. It's fitting of his roots as he comes from a line of quality craftsmen who have turned their passion for fine building details into a thriving renovation and restoration business. 

Simon's grandfather started in the business working independently as a stone artisan, but his father saw the benefits of gathering a team of specialists and thus began his family's building legacy, which Simon and his brother Erik have taken to even greater heights. They have a firm belief in the idea of many hands making light work, and through their firm have assembled a team of high-quality craftsmen who value the concept of working together for a greater outcome.


The planning stage of Simon's newly built home took more time than the building stage and included the integration of a 3D design concept to ensure that every detail would be executed with precision. Simon believes that his careful planning process brought him cost savings in the end, as the building stage ran smoothly thanks to a well-thought-out, workable plan. He recommends "aligning with a powerhouse team of experts," who he says "by design will prevent errors at the building stage and save money in the long run."  

The key to building a custom home, according to Simon, is the balancing of practical design within its environment. The results of a well-executed plan are stunningly reflected in his "RockCopperGlass" home, which features all three elements balanced beautifully throughout. Stone and timber detailing add a rustic quality to the décor, but with the use of glass and metal the overall feeling has contemporary influences, further enhanced by an open-riser staircase. A touch of modern is combined with vintage-inspired furnishings to present a juxtaposition of styles that create intrigue throughout the 5,500-square-foot of space. 

Simon has established a relationship with Restoration Hardware so his clients can work remotely with designers to create inspiring living spaces from plans and concept drawings, as he did for his own home. His affinity for classic restoration is honoured through pieces such as the aviator chairs in the living room, which reflect the idea of mixing elements with striking results. While the chairs offer a vintage vibe, the sofas have a modern tone to help balance the overall rustic contemporary feeling of the home.   

While relief renovations are a mainstay of his business, Simon is also well-respected for his cottage building and incorporates the archetypical characteristics of Quebec cottage design into his own home. Timber beams and even a metal spiral staircase, leading to an office loft off the master bedroom, all exemplify this style. His home pays tribute to his grandfather's quest to begin a business honouring the family's affinity for quality craftsmanship in the 1950s. Simon carries on this tradition while also keeping up with modern technology to ensure success within a competitive industry. 


The Contractor Checklist: 

Insurance liability and pollution liability that covers pollutants such as mould and asbestos In good standing with the WSIB Verify the rating of the contractor on Better Business Bureau Ask to visit and view their latest work Complete a social media search - most top builders have a good following and are active on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Houzz.com

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