'A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST'- English ProverbPublished on April 29, 2015


I believe that change really is as good as a rest! I'm always ready to move forward and stay open to making improvements in any aspect of life when it seems fitting. 

Renovation is synonymous with progression in my eyes, so working on the spring issue is always a thrill for me. The chance to see the improvements that other people are making within their homes feeds my desire for a fresh take on décor and design. And when I get the chance to apply this on a grander scale, the feeling of excitement is heightened! 

I recently attended a luncheon to learn about big changes happening at the National Arts Centre. It's a renovation that will turn the nondescript, 1970s-influenced structure into an inspiring building worthy of the creativity that it showcases. The focal point of the NAC is being repositioned to look towards the Parliament Buildings to allow for a new outlook from within, while the building is enhanced in a way that will pay tribute to the architectural beauty in Ottawa. 

The new look at the NAC highlights what successful renovations are all about: restoring old to new and leaving the best qualities alone, while bringing out more of the underused aspects. This facelift is also indicative of the change that's taking place throughout the capital and serves as a sign that the city is moving towards being a major player on the sports and arts/entertainment scene.

As you pore over the pages of this issue of Ottawa At Home our hope is that you be inspired by the trends that are featured. Perhaps it will come from the cool factor of a newly built home in the west end, or the attention to detail with a lovely restoration in the Rideau Canal area as well as within a Gatineau home. Two amazing backyard projects will show how to improve your existing yard to get the most bang for your buck and maximize the pleasure of your outdoor space. 

In the spirit of Reinhold Niebuhr's Serenity Prayer, embrace the idea of tackling a renovation project by agreeing to accept what you cannot change, and changing what you cannot accept. It's a parallel concept that can be applied to living our lives in a more harmonious existence. 

Cheers to acceptance and change, 


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