Get to know the People on Preston week of April 13thPublished on April 20, 2015


People on Preston? is a collection of street portraits and interviews with merchants, residents and patrons who live, work and play on Preston Street. This week's collection is featured below. Stay tuned for six new stories each week.

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Vivian Vanphaseuth - "My mother was a seamstress all her life. When I was younger, I helped her by doing a little sewing; whatever I could do. I really like working with colourful fabric and things like that so I decided to go into the business." (Read more)


Roderick Lahey - "I have always surrounded myself with the arts. While enrolled in an architectural technology program I went to a lecture on Frank Lloyd Wright given by Brian Wiles. It fascinated me and I spoke with Brian after the lecture. Brian was instrumental in helping me enroll at the Carleton University School of Architecture the following year." (Read more)


Arjet Meti and Ottavio Formica - "We started about four years ago when the owner, Massimo, bought the bakery. We're all friends in here. When I got here I met Massimo. We were friends and I needed a job so he said ‘Why don't you come work here?' Massimo and Ottavio taught me everything." (Read more)


Jonathan Pearce - "I've lived here about four years. I'm originally from Ottawa but moved to Montreal for school. I said I'd never come back. I was looking for a studio in Montreal to record an album and I kept hearing about Little Bullhorn, just over on Spruce Street. So I came here and recorded with my band at the time, Poorfolk. This is 2004. I didn't know the neighbourhood and I just loved it. It's a great 'hood." (Read more)


Marilisa Granzotto, Alina Safonova, Vadim Safonov - "I grew up in an Italian household. We danced all the time at our gatherings. A friend told me about Arthur Murray. I stuck out the training and they gave me a student. After four years of teaching high school, I decided this was more enjoyable and never looked back." (Read more)


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