Get to know the People on Preston week of March 23rd Published on March 23, 2015


People on Preston? is a collection of street portraits and interviews with merchants, residents and patrons who live, work and play on Preston Street. This week's collection is featured below. Stay tuned for six new stories each week.
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Jen Broad - "With Bridgehead it's not dealing with money it's dealing with people. It all filters down. If I feel valued and respected at work then my employees feel the same and the customers feel the same as well." (Read more)

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Amanda Acker - "I've practiced my entire career focusing on oral and systemic health. There's the business side of the things and the healthcare side. For me being a dental hygienist is about providing primary health care to my clients. One of the major roles we have as dental hygienists is essentially removing infection from the body. It's not merely about making your teeth whiter, it's getting your mouth and your body healthy!" (Read more)

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John Fritz -"For me, yoga's always been that accessible exercise that keeps me grounded and focused. It's also really helpful for dealing with stress. I had some issues with my heart and found that the breathing exercises in yoga correct my rhythm. Yogatown keeps me happy." (Read more)

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Joe Cotroneo - "I was born and raised down here; 271 Preston, where the Adult High School soccer field is right now. I lived down here until they expropriated in the Ď60s. After that I got into the electrical business. I was a contractor for 20 years. Then I just got tired of it. I'm of Italian background, my wife's of Irish Background. I had this idea of an Italian pub. I went with it. Pub Italia had a nice ring to it. I trademarked the logo; the green, red and white shamrock. The shamrock's now Italian in case you're wondering." (Read more)

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Darrell Thomas - "One of my friends was going to her prom. She bought fabric and wanted to make the dress with her friends. I'd never even laid eyes on a sewing machine. My friends thought it was funny and they made me sew it. I made this strapless dress and she won best dress. (Read more)

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