Celebrating, because we can!Published on February 12, 2015

  • Photo by: Mark Holleron

Our winter issue is themed around entertaining in preparation for a host of spring celebrations - weddings, showers, graduations - all events that seem best celebrated when the weather warms up and flowers start to bloom again.

But winter entertaining does hold a certain charm of its own. There is a forgiveness of informality and food gets served with heaping platters of comfort to hungry crowds who are gathered after skating, skiing or sledding expeditions. Whether you take it indoors or out, the National Capital Region offers a variety of ways to entertain and be entertained during the winter season.

The simplicity of hosting out-of-town guests with a skate on the canal is not something any of us take for granted. We proudly show off the world's largest outdoor skating rink, embracing a celebration that offers world-class entertainment and puts Ottawa on the global map as a seasonal tourist destination. In this issue, we go behind the scenes at Winterlude, as well as spring's Tulip Festival, to appreciate the efforts that go into pulling these events together in a city that doesn't always offer reliable weather conditions.

Our food editor Paula Roy hunted down a few hip spots to drink in nighttime entertainment - you know, the fun things like pinball, board games and music! And with that in mind, I have decided that House of TARG might be the next place to hang with my kids, who recently took me on a bowling expedition, which I loved. Now it's my turn to show them that I still have a bit of pinball wizard left in me from my teen years!

In the following pages, you will find some expert tips on hosting and how to behave whether you're entertaining or a party guest. We also check out some really cool homes. There's one where the kids even get to swing indoors and another where some slick events take place and the owners showcase furnishings from world travels. We also stop in at 24 Sussex Dr., where we were greeted by a few of Mrs. Harper's furry friends, who she says make her family complete.

Our first issue for 2015 confirms that Ottawa is an endless source of inspiration, no matter the season or occasion, and for that reason alone, we celebrate!


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