Colour appreciationPublished on October 2, 2014

  • Courtesy CIL Paints

The best way to spice up your home is by adding some colour. Painting a room, or even the whole house, can be a weekend DIY project with long-term benefits and stunning results. As the saying goes Its Only Paint, but is it? Of course paint mistakes are easy to fix but there is a lot of time and energy that goes into a painting project so why not get it right from the start! 

Trying to choose a paint colour based on the small paint chips that are available from the paint store is a challenge, but there are a few tricks that can help you read the samples better.

Each colour has an undertone and understanding what that undertone is will help you figure out where each colour lies. When looking at a paint wheel start at the top and work your way down; the top colour shows off the most intense colour on the chip, this will illustrate which undertone the colours beneath will take on. While you might be looking for a warm beige for your walls, if there is a green undertone then your beige will have a cooler feel than a beige with brown undertones. Usually choosing a colour in the middle of the paint chip is your safest option. 

It's important to choose colour within your space, based on the light in your home so keep in mind that when choosing colour at the paint store, your own home is not quite as brightly lit.

If you're heading to the paint store to choose a colour palette bring your fabric swatches and some images of the space. Putting the paint colours next to existing fabrics will easily show where your colour scheme lies. 

Spend some time in the store looking at the colour samples; after a while you will recognize how you respond to the colours and which shades you gravitate towards. We each respond to colour differently, its important to understand which colours make us feel relaxed, happy or inspired and depending on the function of the room which colours will work best for our space and at which intensity. 

Once you have decided on a basic colour scheme you can then fine tune your selection on the colour charts to finding just the right shade or tone for your space, allowing you to enjoy your home harmoniously, in colour, or not! 

Need some paint and décor advice? Find me in the CIL paint department of various Home Depot Stores, 6-8 p.m. 

October 9th Home Depot, Orleans

October 16th, Home Depot Cornwall 

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