Threesomes, in DécorPublished on September 4, 2014

  • Blue and grey combine to create a sophisticated bathroom

There is a general rule in décor that we work in threes. It allows for creative intrigue while also keeping a look from becoming chaotic and hard to live with. Usually, when choosing fabrics, a designer will work with three patterns to create a room. When placing decorative objects together we often place them in threes, and the same is true for choosing paint colours; start with a base colour and then choose two coordinating tones, one to compliment and one to accent.

The accent colour can be splashed throughout the home in a variety of ways. Pop the colour in the powder room, the mudroom or other areas where the space is well used but not for extended periods of time. If you want to embrace more of the accent colour then seek out a place for an accent wall.

Feature walls add interest and style to a space that lends itself to excitement. A feature wall has to be the first wall that you see when you walk into the room. Choose a colour that blends in well with the rest of the décor, yet will pop to stand out without over-powering the space.

The upcoming season is showing many shades of blue; a deep royal blue, blending with greys, will update your space instantly. Blue is a cool, soothing colour that is easy to live with year round and works beautifully with both silver and gold metals and light and dark wood tones.

If a painting project is on the horizon for you, and your space calls for a bit of blue, try CIL paints "White Rabbit" for your primary space, warmed up with "Urban Natural" in a room or two, and then add "Saphire Glow" for an accent. 

Need some decor advice? Editor in Chief Mary Taggart is on the road visiting Home Depot stores in the Ottawa, Cornwall and Kingston region over the next several weeks. Bring swatches, photos and questions and she will be on hand to give free decor advice. Look for her in the CIL section of the paint department.  

Sept 11 - Kanata

Sept 18 - Kingston

Sept 25 - Gloucester

Oct 2 - South Keys

Oct 9 - Orleans

Oct 16 - Cornwall

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