Team workPublished on June 25, 2014

  • Mary Taggart

  • Jane Whiting

  • Mark Holleron

  • Paula Roy

Just as I believe that it takes a village to raise a child, I also know that it takes a tribe to create a well-produced magazine! Since its launch in June of 2004, Ottawa At Home has been run by a passionate group and I am proud to have carried this on since 2009. Many current team members have been with the magazine from its beginning 10 years ago, which is a fine tribute to their dedication and belief in the product.

Throughout the pages of our summer issue we celebrate this first milestone decade and introduce you to the people who made it all happen, starting with founding publisher Caroline Andrews. Our food editor Paula Roy has been with the magazine since 2004 and featured me in an article that ended up on the cover of the spring issue the following year. I am not a foodie, so I'm always relieved when Paula keeps our highly respected food section on top of the capital's burgeoning food scene. Our current publisher Michael Curran and Terry Tyo, vice-president of sales, hired me. I liked and respected them instantly - a feeling that grows with the years.

During my life I've found myself in various leadership roles, and I know I'm a better leader than a follower. But, I also know that a good leader is one with the confidence to surround themselves with capable people. I readily admit my weaknesses and am grateful for those on our team who pick up the slack.

Creative director Tanya Connolly-Holmes and I hit it off from the start and share a supportive appreciation of our working strengths. Five years and 25 issues later, there has not been a cross word between us! Photographer Mark Holleron and I also became fast friends, and while we may have exchanged a few heated words in the multiple hours and miles we've clocked together, the respect is strong. Our journey has involved my acknowledgement that Mark's images catch the readers' attention and draw them into the story, and his progress is on recognizing how the words can make or break a feature . . .

When I accepted the job of editor-in-chief I made it clear that my technical writing skills were weak. So, Jane Whiting was hired as associate editor and I am always in awe of her ability to take a feature and clean it up, while maintaining the writer's original voice. Many of our contributors are respected local experts and every writer is committed to showcasing their subjects in the best possible light. As our web editor, my daughter Olivia keeps us young and the proofreader powers of Krystle Kung keep us clean! Mix all this together with a dynamic sales team that keeps us in business, and we have a magazine that is perfectly primed to go into an exciting new decade.

Here's to us!


A strong team with an affection for and belief in the product is a must!

Jane Whiting, ?Associate editor

"I really enjoy being able to visit so many fabulous homes in Ottawa. They all showcase such a variety of amazing designs and styles."

Mark Holleron, Photo editor

"Shooting for Ottawa At Home allows me the opportunity to get behind the scenes in a variety of areas throughout the capital, capturing people, places and experiences that diversify my skills as a photographer."

Paula Roy, Food editor

"My favourite thing about researching and writing stories for Ottawa at Home is the chance to discover the many talented, innovative people that make Ottawa's food scene so vibrant. I hope that readers are inspired to support the hard-working farmers, chefs and food producers we feature."

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