What's trending at the Interior Design Show 2014Published on February 1, 2014

  • Natural elements

  • Pattern

  • Colour

  • Tubs

It's winter, and with it brings snow and cold, but one thing that can always brighten it up is the Interior Design Show in Toronto.  As a Residential Designer, I always make a point of visiting the show to stay on trend with what is up and coming in the world of design. 

This year there was nothing jaw dropping or necessarily new, but old concepts were given new form, and with this breathed new life into old product.

Natural Elements: We are still seeing a lot of natural elements in design through wood and stone, each taking on a new form but not a new concept. These items are timeless, and will not be going away anytime soon.

Pattern: We started seeing a lot of bold patterns in fabric a few years back; now it takes a new form in wood flooring, furniture, tile, counter tops, wall coverings, fabric and upholstery.

Colour: Yes folks, colour is back! Although beige and grey are still used as a staple in design, colour is showing up everywhere, and there is nothing subtle about it! We are seeing it in rugs, fabric, furniture, clothing, wall coverings, tiles and counter tops.

Tubs: Tubs are taking on a different form. The shape has changed, showing more curves in the design and harder elements, like steel and stone, are trending.

What I took away from IDS2014 is do not be afraid to be different and embrace change! Even if it's as simple as a paint colour, although it doesn't have to be a blue counter top or a pink tub. It can be a bold fabric, paint or a colourful area carpet with neutral furniture. Just have fun with it!

Sonya Kinkade Design

Residential & Commercial Designer



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