Life is a highwayPublished on July 5, 2013

  • Mary Taggart

  • Tag striped tea towel, Mrs McGarrigles, Merrickville

  • Le Creuset French press, Manotick’s Peppermill, Manotick

  • LOVLIG vase, Ikea

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"The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see."
— G.K Chesterton

I have often joked that my ideal vacation would be to park a lounge chair in the middle of NYC's Fifth Avenue and soak up the bustling vibe. Relaxing around a pool at a swanky Vegas hotel also sounds like a good time, and big European cities excite me. Yes, I love action!

Although, while city life is the life for me, that changes when it comes to summer vacation. Hitting the road and being swept up by the charms of a small town - and just letting what comes, come - holds a long-standing appeal. 

As a special summer feature, Ottawa at Home took to the back roads and checked out a few towns outside the city where we met interesting people living their dreams in a lifestyle of choice (pg 28). We clocked mega mileage taking in the landscape, drinking up the scenery and hunting for all things "cottage." Being in the process of building a new family cottage, workdays became like a mini vacation where I could work and play at the same time! I even picked up a few of the fun vintage finds we unearthed for our readers. 

Chatting with the locals about their passions and lifestyle made me rethink my idea of the perfect vacation. Perhaps it's my stage of life, or maybe I'm getting caught up in a trend to let go of the hectic passage of time, but taking in the simplicity of small town life seems idyllic. Photographer Mark Holleron appears to have jumped on board with this thinking too, and his knack for capturing every story in pictures shines in our summer issue. 

The talent of Creative Director Tanya Connolly-Holmes to turn images and words into inspiring pages has allowed this issue to read like a mini vacation. And we hope our readers will take a few road trips this summer to discover what we have seen and find treasures of their own. Dedicated city slickers can hit some of Ottawa's chicest patios (pg 40), but they may also want to slow down a little to dip their feet in the water and enjoy a frozen, gourmet treat (pg 39)! No matter where your summer self lies, Ottawa At Home has a little something to appeal to everyone's vacation persona.

Hit the road like a traveller, not a guided tourist, and maybe even consider taking the road less travelled!  



Tag striped tea towel, Mrs McGarrigles, Merrickville; Le Creuset French press, Manotick's Peppermill, Manotick; LOVLIG vase, Ikea.

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