Holiday PerspectivePublished on November 24, 2012

  • OAH Editor Mary Taggart

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  • Paper dolls

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Home for the holidays! Is there any better sentiment than the notion of celebrating the holiday season in the place you call home?

When my children were little, I used to cry real tears at a holiday commercial. It showed an older brother returning home for Christmas and as he walked through the door late in the evening into a home that glowed with a magical ambience, the younger siblings rushed to greet him. It all seemed so joyful! Now that my three older children will be heading home for Christmas, and as their younger brother eagerly anticipates their arrival, I will actually live those magical moments!

Yet, as family dynamics change, so do traditions. The old are incorporated into new and celebrations evolve, but the sentiment remains the same. In this issue we find out how Mayor Jim Watson taps into family traditions to celebrate the season with heaps of help from his sister Jayne and her family. They demonstrate that the ritual of celebrating the holidays with your siblings is a cherished one.

In the spirit of the season we offer up a DIY feature that shows you how to create Christmas spiders. Who knew that these creepy creatures held such a prominent place in holiday décor? Read the story and learn the legend. Have fun with this project - it may become a holiday custom in your home!

When our children were young, like many other households, we carefully tried to teach them that there were families in our community who didn't celebrate the holidays in the same elaborate style that we did. I can only hope that they learned those lessons and, as they grow older, will find it in their hearts to incorporate an aspect of charitable giving into their celebrations.

With this issue we highlight the work of some people who have made charitable giving an integral part of their lives. It features a family who have devoted their time to opening their doors for the Homes for the Holidays tour to benefit the Hospice at May Court, as well as the dream home created to support CHEO. We also showcase Christine Taylor, who spent a year volunteering each day for a different charity, and local restaurateurs who have opened their establishments to serve meals to those in need. 

Ottawa is a generous city and we are thrilled to be able to offer a glimpse at people who are living by example.

Celebrate the magical moments!

Merry (My festive name - it's a personal tradition!)

Mary Taggart, Editor in Chief

Mary's Must Haves

Fond memories of Christmas past make Christmas future something to look forward to...

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Paper dolls with, haute couture style, found in the Holt Renfrew holiday shop.

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