The Art of listeningPublished on September 11, 2012

  • Rnea embraces glamour and drama with a black tile dividing wall moving into the bedroom

  • Framed images by photographer Jason Kwan; couch from Mobilia

  • Oversize mirrors enhance small spaces

  • Neutral wood tones let the kitchen blend easily into living space

  • Neutral wood tones let the kitchen blend easy into living space

Designer Rnea Garrah pulls her personal decorating style from all aspects of her life. She is charismatic with a cool sophistication that shows off hints of glamour. Her condo in Little Italy combines all of these qualities and serves as a good example of her talent for making efficient use of space while maintaining a stylish look. 

Rnea has a knack for creating chic looks for her clients, but always stays in tune with practicalities by listening carefully to what they say. She researches everything from budget to lifestyle before digging into a project, and knows the importance of interpreting clients' needs. "I must understand what my client likes in terms of style preference, as well as what he or she is hoping to achieve as an end result," she says.


An important part of the design process is establishing how the space will be lived in and for how long. Buying quality flooring, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and tiles is an investment that will get a good return when it's time to sell.

Rnea advises clients to decorate one room at a time, focusing first on areas that will be used the most, and to splurge on quality furniture for a well-used space. Adding drama with interesting artwork and lighting also offers an opportunity to showcase personal style.


Look at the space and create a floor plan. Measure the area and draw it on graph paper to determine the scale of furniture.

Purchase the most important furniture first. All other pieces can be added to the plan after the necessary ones are in place.

Determine which colours make you happy and create a colour scheme. If you have a difficult time selecting colours, choose some base colours from your favourite artwork or fabric.

Accessorize by using fun decorative pillows. Co-ordinate accessories with artwork and fabrics, as well as mixing in a few patterns and textures for visual interest.


Contact Rnea Garrah 

at 613-366-2149,


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