Style confidencePublished on September 10, 2012

  • OAH editor Mary Taggart

  • Jonathan Adler bargello zig zag pillow from The Modern Shop, Ottawa

  • Silk Orchid Collection rug from ELTE, Toronto

  • Baker Kallisto Dining Chair from The Thomas Pheasant Collection, Cadieux Interiors, Ottawa

There are some things in life that we take for granted - personal style is one of them. How much time do we spend defining our style and categorizing it to make shopping trips easier? Not much! But, with the launch of our Naked Room contest in the summer issue, I started to think about the importance of identifying tastes before tackling a decorating project.

My personal style trademark is that of a rebel. I like to break the rules ever so slightly, and my friends have all heard me say many times:

"It works because I say it does!" It's a bold statement, but one I can pull off because it is said with confidence. But, as much as I like to think of myself as unique, I can be defined, even categorized. My style is transitional and perhaps a little eclectic. And although both incorporate blending and are the least influenced by rules, they still fit a mould.

In our profile feature we interview four designers who are known for a certain style. They offer expert opinions and guidelines, but also maintain flexibility about rules. Following rules to a T is the number 1 faux pas in the design world because if they're used with too much obedience, the talent gets lost and the result is boring. So break the rules and get playful - the results will be much more intriguing. A case in point is our visit into the wonderfully stylish and eclectic home of interior designer Michael Courdin.

Understanding where your eyes, heart and head are going, then figuring out how to put them all together, is the key to success for most things in life. And in the world of design it is essential. Take time to consider the many choices you make each day: the food you eat; clothing you wear; the music you listen to; all of these things are influenced by personal style. I like fusion cooking, mixing colour and pattern, and I love loud music. I'm an eclectic, transitional kind of gal with the bold confidence to make it work.

 Ottawa At Home is fine-tuning its personal style too. We have a new look that shows our sophisticated side and commitment to keeping up with the inspirational looks that our readers aspire to attain, as well as the lifestyle issues they need to stay on top of.

Our entire fall issue caters to defining style. May it help you classify and embrace your unique look! Define your personal style by determining what you like, embrace it and wear it with confidence, because this is who you are.

Still confused? Join me Sept. 28-30 at the Home & Design Show where I'll be offering seminars on how to find your individual style.

Stay poised,

Mary Taggart, Editor in Chief

Mary's Must Haves

Well dressed space always shows personality combined with up-to-date style!

- Silk Orchid Collection rug, ELTE, Toronto

- Baker Kallisto Dining Chair from The Thomas Pheasant Collection, Cadieux Interiors, Ottawa

- Jonathan Adler bargello zig zag pillow, The Modern Shop, Ottawa

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