Artistic expression at ShenkmanPublished on October 24, 2011

  • The Shenkman Arts Centre. (Provided)

  • The Shenkman Arts Centre. (Provided)

  • The Shenkman Arts Centre. (Provided)

  • The Shenkman Arts Centre. (Provided)

  • A performance at the Shenkman Arts Centre. (Provided)

Recently I had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans. The facility is fantastic! Every opportunity to showcase the arts is maximized.

The entire building and its space display works of art in varying forms. It also functions as a facility for working, teaching and performing so that with every turn of a corner and climb of a stairway art, in one form or another, is alive.

The bilingual facility is home to the Gloucester Pottery School and is the Orleans campus for the Ottawa School of Art. There is a dance studio as well as a host of studios for the performing arts, including six exhibition spaces showcasing art in a variety of visual media.

The Trinity Art Gallery, managed by the City of Ottawa, is a community gallery with an annual call to local artists. Other exhibition spaces include Promenade Arteast, Gloucester Pottery School - Dust Evans Gallery, AOE Gallery and the Lower Lobby exhibition space. The Centre also features two permanent works of public art: Adrian Göllner's Stand and Maskull Lasserre's Resonance.

The thrill of going behind the scenes into the green room, the beautifully equipped dressing rooms and the dramatic-looking black box studios stirred my feelings of pride, knowing that top stars would be drawn to performing in this first-class facility.

As I toured from one area to the next, I could not help but appreciate the need to cultivate the arts through community support. The inspiration that comes through the appreciation of talent and hard work is motivating.

On November 3rd the facility is hosting ARTinis & Appetizers, a cocktail fundraiser to celebrate the arts. This could be your chance to check out the facility and enjoy an artistic evening. For more information, visit

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