Setting the Thanksgiving tablePublished on September 30, 2011

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There is nothing more comforting than a table set for a bountiful Thanksgiving feast.

Decorating your Thanksgiving table can be fun and easy. Everything you need can be found on a crisp fall walk or in your own backyard, and from the gardens within it.

Be sure to keep your eyes open and plan as you pick. The beauty will be in the form, texture and colour of the elements of nature. I have chosen two of my favourite schemes for decorating for the season.

Tantalizingly Rich:

This scheme is rich in the colours of the season. For your centerpiece use pomegranate, Japanese maple leaves, fall viburnum berries, ripened bittersweet for your reds, maple leaves of fall, bittersweet berries, ripe persimmon, viburnum (early fall) for oranges and green pepper berries and foliage for greens. Fill large, clear, tall glass containers in various shapes and sizes with several candle heights amongst them.

I like to keep my wood table exposed for this setting. I add a burlap or linen runner lengthwise on the table and add matching placemats. Top each placemat with bronze/brown charger, crisp white dinner plate, wheat-coloured salad plate topped with a burnt orange salad bowl. Add a few small pumpkins hollowed out with tea lights in them. I like to use an informal table setting for this scheme.

Nature's Garden:

This scheme uses the more subdued colours of nature. For your table, use things like blanched twigs or wheat, and fill antique silver pitchers with green pepper berries and foliage, lemon leaves and under-ripe Persimmon. To add a little drama, add a few hits of subtle deep purples with fall viburnum and hypercom berries. Tie a little bit of those pepper berries to a light green or gold ribbon around the napkins.

Cover your table with a beautiful hem-stitched table cloth. For each place setting use gold chargers, white dinner plates with a French white salad plate and top with a white soup bowl. Use old wine or champagne corks for name cards by cutting a small slice in the top and sliding in the name card. Accent each setting with crystal clear water and wine glasses and sleek silverware. Fill the table with French white serving plates and bowls. For this scheme I use the formal table setting.

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