What are your walls saying?Published on September 6, 2011

  • Ottawa At Home editor Mary Taggart. (Photo by Mark Holleron)

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The last time we put together our "art issue" we featured homes with inspiring art collections, which is always fascinating. I think the walls of a home speak volumes about the people living within them.

In my home visitors will find bright, colourful works influenced by nature. While my husband leans more towards landscapes, I am intrigued by still life pieces and count our two paintings by the late artist Tom Hopkins as my favourites. But, there is no denying the joy that I feel when I walk into our living and dining area to view the lively artwork of Bobbie Burgers.

I share this with you by showing off one of my most fun art purchases in the editor's photo. It's a large piece by Canadian artist Bobbie Burgers, which I bought over the phone, sight unseen, after my husband forbade me to buy it! As much as I love to rebel, I love the vibrant painting even more and, happily, so does my husband. The artwork on our walls reflects the soulful vibrancy that lies within.

This time, the Ottawa At Home art issue highlights the lives and work of an impressive line-up of local artists with unique styles who use a variety of mediums. I have to admit that pulling together this issue has been an expensive process as I've fallen in love with the work of all of our featured artists and aspire to eventually own a piece from each of them - forbidden or not!

During the creation of this issue, we were all in awe of the people we met and had the privilege of writing about and photographing. Mark Holleron was thrilled with the opportunity to turn the camera onto two world-renowned photographers, and his knack for un-posed photography allowed him to capture both Willie McElligott and Michelle Valberg in their element. Jane Whiting had fun with a young couple who have an eye for upcoming talent and have done a wonderful job of letting the walls of their home express their combined tastes and passions.

The fall issue of Ottawa At Home nods to the artistic side of life in all aspects. Our food section offers some international flair with the art of serving up a Thai meal, as well as showing off the flamboyance of Greek-style entertaining.

So, as we move into a new season, think about what your walls are saying. If they don't offer much to talk about, then check out the works of some of our featured local artists. There really is something for the entire home, including some gorgeous garden art!

Join me and start collecting a few creative conversation pieces . . .

Mary Taggart, Editor in Chief


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