Fashion sense and sensibilityPublished on August 15, 2011

  • Krista Kealey, spokesperson for the Ottawa International Airport Authority. (File photo)

I have a passion for shopping and fashion. I am on a never-ending quest for the perfect black pants, the perfect white T, the perfect get the idea.

As the spokesperson for the Ottawa International Airport, I need to look professional and polished every day because I never know when I will be asked to go on camera for an interview.

A busy social life means that I often go straight from the office to a fundraiser, corporate event or for cocktails with my girlfriends, so my looks need to transition easily.

But here's the thing. I'm not very good at pulling it together, and in my quest to find the right wardrobe pieces, I may have acquired a little more than I really need.

A few friends mentioned having worked with a local fashionista who helped them cull their wardrobes and fill in the missing pieces. I had Erica Wark's e-mail address on file for more than six months, but held off calling her mostly because I was sure my closet would horrify her.

After connecting with her on Twitter, we met in 'real life'. She was both personable and fashionable. I knew she could help! Armed with garbage bags, a glass of wine, and a sense of hope, we got to work.

She tackled my closet section by section, removing everything, and going through the pieces one by one. Some were quick rejects; others required a try-on and a discussion.

Those that made the cut were returned to the closet, grouped by colour and function and all on the same kind of hanger. We made piles for consignment, donation, and garbage.

At the end, I breathed a sigh of relief - the clutter was gone, the emotional attachments were broken and it was organized. 

There were also a number of pieces that I loved but never knew how to wear. So they hung there with price tags still attached. Erica showed me how best to wear them, and transformed what I thought were fashion faux pas into funky and fun new outfits.

I now look at my new closet as a thing of beauty; everything is in its place, the possibilities seem endless, just in time for fall's busy social schedule!

Follow Krista on Twitter @Krikea, and read Erica's top 10 wardrobe essentials for women here.

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