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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of "home?" Security? Warmth? Comfort? A home should provide all these things, but it can also be so much more.


I have long been a believer that our homes should not just be somewhere we live, but also somewhere we love! Our homes should certainly address our need for security and comfort, but they should also be places we love to be in, places we feel excited and energized about, places we're proud to own and to have people come visit.

As a newcomer to Ottawa, one of the first things that really struck me about the city was the range of homes which are available here. With properties ranging from traditional family homes to super-modern condo apartments, there is something to address every need, taste and budget.

Over the years, my wife and I had lived in a lot of different styles of home back in the United Kingdom, so we had a pretty clear idea of what we were looking for when we arrived here in Ottawa. We were looking for a place which was unashamedly modern, open-concept, flexible and very well finished, and with the help of a skilled and sensitive realtor, we found exactly what we were looking for.

Our little house in Old Ottawa South was still in the process of being built when we first viewed it, but we knew right away that this was the home we wanted. We immediately responded to the open-concept design which gave a spacious, light-filled feel to the whole house, and I could see right away some great opportunities to fine-tune the design for our tastes.

To be honest, I think we must have driven the builder crazy with the customizations we asked for, but we ended up with not just a nice house, but a lovely home.

For me, this is the essence of "home." Instead of living somewhere which we're not really satisfied with, waiting for a few weeks of vacation each year to go somewhere beautiful, we can all find ways to make our homes a wonderful place to be every single day. It's not about spending a fortune; it's about having a good eye and making good choices.

That is how we go from "live" to "love."

Thanks for reading and speak soon!




Graham is the owner of Blueberry Interiors, an interior decor consultancy, specializing in modern and contemporary design themes. You can keep up with him here at Ottawa at Home, on Twitter by following @grahamcowen, or you can reach him directly at graham@blueberryinteriors.ca

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