Why hire an interior-design professional?Published on January 12, 2011

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Interior design may look easy - it's not. Ever waited in vain for the air conditioner repairman to arrive or had difficulty reaching a live customer service rep when your automated blinds got stuck in the down position?


Then you understand the kinds of stress a design professional deals with daily.

We often walk a tightrope between our clients' needs and the limitations of ordinary people (AKA trades and suppliers). The steps leading to a humble pillow illustrate my point:

STEP 1 - Select fabric(s) - chenille, velvet, cotton, patterned, plain, red, blue?

STEP 2 - Select trim(s) - self-pipe, rope, braid, bullion, tassel, rosette?

STEP 3 - Determine size - 18" square, 24" x 18" rectangle, 16" bolster?

STEP 4 - Choose filling - 100% down, polyester, poly cotton blend, density?

STEP 5 - Choose edge detail - knife, box, Turkish, tasseled, beribboned?

STEP 6 - Create purchase orders for fabrics, trims, forms and pillow maker

STEP 7 - Order CFA's (cutting for approval) to ensure ordered fabric looks like the sample. 90% of the time, it's accurate, however in approximately 10% of cases it's the wrong fabric or the wrong colour. Why? Because the fabric company had the wrong number written on the sample, or the firm discontinued the fabric, or someone simply entered the wrong number into a computer.

STEP 8 - Receive fabrics, trims and forms; determine all are accurate.

STEP 9 - Send all items and detailed instructions to pillow maker

STEP 10 - Review finished pillows to ensure they are made to specifications.

STEP 11 - Ship pillows to client's home.

STEP 12 - Receive pillows on location and present to client for approval.


Multiply these organizational tasks exponentially for more complex items such as ... let's face it; everything is more complicated than a pillow!

Keep your perspective - and your sense of humour.


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