Sharing Foodie AdventuresPublished on November 15, 2010

  • Anne Waters. (Provided)

The central focus of our home is definitely our brightly lit, warm kitchen. It is not only the gathering place for family and friends, but it is also now my daily playground.

My husband and teenager are passionate foodies too, and I happily share this space with them!

When it comes to food, we are often working and reworking our personal favourites, giving them new flavours or a new look.

But we also like to reach out and experiment - whether it is attempting new styles of cooking, dabbling with the ethnicity of the global cuisine or just trying some crazy, exotic ingredients.

Certainly our foray into community-supported agriculture this past summer stretched us to consider some new vegetables we have never cooked with before. 

Ottawa-Gatineau has so much to offer food lovers. It is like a treasure hunt for us to explore the kitchen supply stores, gourmet food stores and the bountiful outdoor markets where we can add treats to our kitchen playground.

What a privilege it will be to regularly visit here with you, the readers of Ottawa At Home magazine. I look forward to sharing many wonderful food adventures.

Sometimes it may be about the discovery of a new local product, such as flavour-bursting jams or hand-crafted gourmet granola. Other times I may highlight the latest "must-have" tool or gadget, (micro-chipped, motorized or otherwise), that boasts such benefits as speed, ease and perfection. 

I may even write about an interesting or unusual ingredient that I have wanted to learn more about and have dared to try! I will definitely be sharing with you tried and true recipes and also new creations from our personal Ďtest' kitchen!

Being continually captivated by the enthusiasm of the food world and foodies around me, I look forward to giving you a glimpse at my sources of inspiration. I love hearing what others are doing. Come join me in the conversation about food fun!

I welcome you to visit my personal blog, "If Music Be The Food of Love, Play On" and you can find me on Twitter at @amwaters.

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