Simply the bestPublished on October 13, 2010

  • Mary Taggart. (Photo by Mark Holleron)

  • Mary's Must-Haves: Kiels Gift Set

  • Mary's Must-Haves: MK Hat and Gloves

  • Mary's Must-Haves: Roots purse

  • Mary's Must-Haves: Schad boots

  • Mary's Must-Haves: Stuart Weitzman purse

We are calling this our health and fitness issue! It's a little different for a magazine that focuses on décor and style, but things are different with Ottawa At Home now under new ownership.


We are part of Great River Media, which publishes local publications such as Kitchissippi Times and iRun magazine and now the Ottawa Business Journal. Is it a coincidence that this issue takes an athletic spin, under the management of Canada's leading running magazine? Yes, but one that makes us feel part of an energetic team!

Personally, I am not an athletic gal and can relate to Laura Byrne Paquet's middle school memories of gym class back in the Ď70s - when the word fair never came to play in the choosing of sports teams. I would like it noted that I was never a "chubby nerd" but sweating was just not high on my list of school day activities. This severely restricted any competitive effort to help my sports team win anything - so I was definitely not a favoured teammate with the school captains at choosing time.

Plus, I actually don't have a competitive bone in my body - which really makes doing any sort of team sport a bit of an issue for me. However, I do embrace striving to be your best and applaud each of our four profiled community leaders in athletics, who all claim that competition in sports is healthy and can, in fact, be beneficial for children.

In this issue we celebrate people on top of their game who are not afraid to strive for greatness. People like Dr. Robert Roberts; a leader in his field who welcomes Vera Cody into his elegant home and shows us the private side of an accomplished man. And how can you not be impressed with husband and wife Ironman athletes, Heather and Leonard Ireland? This dynamic couple somehow makes competing at this level seem like so much fun!

On the topic of fun - a visit to the home of A-Morning host Lianne Laing and her husband, artist Tony Harris, was a blast! With two adorable daughters, a house full of talent and crazy schedules to juggle, there is nothing else to do but laugh and enjoy this family.

Ottawa At Home will continue to embrace the décor of fine homes and the people who make this happen. Our featured designer, Sonya Kinkade not only offers up her home but a cottage on the big Rideau that allowed her to showcase her best work, our creative director Tanya Connolly-Holmes summed it up perfectly; "if I ever have a cottage I want it to look like this!"

I am pretty sure this issue will inspire readers to take a look at their own fitness routines and consider taking things up a notch or two.

This past year I took my own fitness routine up several notches and became hooked on the benefits of exercising after joining an intense boot camp. I even planned to outfit myself in work-out gear and get into an athletically-inspired pose for my editor's photo in this fitness issue. But, as I saw page after page of truly inspirational, real-life athletes, I decided to hop into my usual hair and make-up chair and continue to strive to be the best I can be and leave it to others to motivate us with their well-toned, athletic physiques.

Honestly, not that I am competitive at all, but does Lianne Laing have to look so darn cute in her tank top? And whoa, how about Alfie in those bike shorts! I must say this issue really has a little something for everyone.


Here's to being your best!


Mary Taggart

Editor in Chief

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Mary's must haves

Lululemon Stride Jacket ($108 CAD) and Groove Pant ($98 CAD); Oakley Discreet sunglasses ?available at Tommy & Lefebvre, product and pricing information at; Ottawa Senators season tickets starting as low as $21 per ticket.


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