A low-maintenance garden Published on August 10, 2023


A low-maintenance garden doesn’t mean without any maintenance. Still, with some planning and understanding of the growing environment, you can have a fabulous garden that requires little energy to keep it thriving.

First, ground the area with composted pine mulch that hasn’t been dyed. Then choose plants that do well in our growing zone in Ottawa and the surrounding regions. Hydrangea, Hosta, Lilies, Daisies, grasses, and catmint are all ideal and even offer year-round interest.

Be sure to deadhead, which will keep plants blooming all season; just pick off the dead flower heads as you catch them. Fertilize once weekly with Miracle Grow or another fertilizer that speaks to you. Keeping on top of weeds is less work in the long wrong. Pulling them by hand is still the most effective method.

Finally, add a little drama to the garden with Chinese silver grasses, Sky race grass, T rex Hosta, and wow with trees like Pom Pom pines, Sunkist cedars and weeping larch, and river birch.

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