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Fire up the grill

Ottawa based Oven Brothers has taken a traditional pizza-baking method and merged it with a modern approach. Gord Jones, JP Normand and Gilles Levesque have combined their love of food and their technical expertise to design an outdoor pizza oven from the ground up, based on a unique interlocking system which uses high-quality, laser-cut carbon steel and high-quality fire bricks.

Ovens are shipped “flat boxed” making it simple for customers to assemble with no tools required. Outdoor oven kits come standard with fire bricks for the cooking surface, side walls, back wall and roof, creating an enclosed, high-temperature cavity. Available in two styles (The Original Bro and The Big Bro), they are both offered in a raw steel form to allow the oven patina to develop naturally, or it can be painted with high-heat paint.

Oven Brothers is proud to manufacture 100% Canadian made, outdoor wood-burning pizza ovens using locally-sourced materials. Capital BBQ & Appliance is the exclusive distributor in Ottawa.

Striking change

James Rankin made the most of the Algonquin College faculty strike in 2017 by putting his marketing skills to the test and starting his own business. Entrepreneurial by nature, James initially started a lawn-care company, but quickly gave it up in favour of coffee.

North Brew Coffee is locally roasted and packaged. Rankin has a distribution deal with three Ottawa locations of Terra 20 and Foodsmiths in Perth. The company motto is “coffee driving change” and as such, North Brew Coffee blends are fair-trade and organic certified originating in Italy, Peru, Mexico and Guadalajara. Rankin was also intent on building an enterprise that would give back to the local community and does so by directing a portion of sales to the Ottawa Mission.

Feel good water

Founded in Ottawa in 2018 by a group who have been friends since high school, Stream Water is an enviro-friendly company focused on the pristine quality of pure Canadian natural water. Stream Water is harvested at the edge of the Canadian Shield, where the deposition of a unique gravel esker thousands of years ago provides the basis for the filtration of spring water, naturally enhanced with minerals and electrolytes. Analysis of the water source, discovered in the 1990s, has demonstrated impressive clarity and taste.

According to Shawn Maloney, one of the partners, Stream’s motto is “To help people feel better by drinking better water.” Stream Water is marketed as custom labeled and sleeved bottled, or canned water in various formats and volumes, offering customer service from the ground up. Delivered free of charge to local homes, businesses or events, Stream is a healthful and environmental option. Stream will soon be marketing “functional water-based beverages” becoming a producer of non-psychoactive cannabis (CBD) infused water. Stream prides itself on thinking locally and acting globally.

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