Grounding Space Published on November 6, 2020

  • Photo from Chaplins Furniture, UK

  • Boniface Vessels EQ3, $34.99 each

  • India Yellow, No. 66, Farrow & Ball

  • Cavern Clay, SW 7701, Sherwin Williams

The need to feel grounded within our space has never been more essential. The best way to do this is through colour selections that generate a serene environment with an airy feeling so that we don’t feel closed in.

Paint colour trends are leaning towards earth tones in an effort to help us feel rooted. Find rich golden yellows, sage green, burnt orange and rust tones on furnishings and walls. While these colours are soothing, they also offer strength so that our space has the power to nourish and feed the need for connection.

With the current demand to maintain distance from people and working at home becoming a new norm, the desire to feel some sort of connection is strong. Décor that feels connected to the natural world can offer this. Elements of travel and objects designed from earthly inspirations are emerging as essential components within a well-dressed home.

Mary Taggart

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