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  • Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • The Irpinia kitchen has lots of character with an orange, back-painted glass back splash and a repurposed light fixture, created with reclaimed lighting from Castor Lighting, Toronto
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Clean lines are in integral design element found throughout; artwork by local artist Christopher Griffin
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • A Murano glass chandelier is from Design Within Reach, the painting is by Christopher Griffin; The dining area opens to the inviting living space
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Andrew leans on the polished concrete counter
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • Every nook serves a purpose
    Photo by: Mark Holleron

Andrew Reeves grew up playing with Lego and Lincoln Logs, having fun creating structures with little knowledge that he was forging his career path. But somewhere along the way, early in life, he recognized that architecture was in his future.

After graduating from Carleton University with a Master of Architecture degree, Andrew worked for BBB Architects before becoming principal partner of Linebox Studio, a local architectural firm known for thinking outside the box. With a fresh approach to designing innovative homes and offices, Linebox has an impressive line-up of jobs from the St Charles condo development to Shopify offices, the Riviera restaurant and even the super-cool Rockcliffe Park Field House. But their client list expands beyond the capital, and as their reputation for a strong appreciation of good design grows, so does their scope of work.

Andrew and his wife Melissa have created their own dynamic living space within a three-door town home unit in New Edinburgh, which of course was a Linebox project. The relatively small, multi-level space was designed with a “compressed family living” philosophy. Every inch of the space was carefully thought through so that the family of four live with ease. The second of the two bedrooms incorporated space for bunk beds for Andrew and Melissa’s two daughters, and the garage space doubles as a play area. Lots of smart storage solutions permeate the multi-level home.

Not only does their space take family living into consideration, but careful attention to the environment was taken within the design concept. Both natural and physical elements were observed during the process so that factors like the sun and neighbouring structures all played into the design process, which Andrew believes creates a timeless design.

While the style of the Reeves’ home would fall into the contemporary category, Andrew expands on this notion and says he prefers a “contemporary with character” definition. He states that this defines the overall approach taken by Linebox: “A lot of what we do is character-based, in contrast with clean crisp lines.”

His townhome showcases stylish character with clean lines throughout, from the open staircase to the horizontal windows. The use of horizontal lines is a clever design tool that creates an open feeling as well as offering privacy. “Horizontal windows create cool shadows when the sun comes in and allows light to come through, while also giving privacy,” explains Andrew.

The Irpinia kitchen functions as a central hub within the space. A concrete slab countertop adds the cool factor, while a back-painted, glass backsplash in “Linebox orange” adds both colour and character. A tufted banquette and colourful leather bar stools are an example of contemporary with character décor elements.

Décor throughout the space plays on the contemporary with character mix with a perfectly balanced blend of vibrant colours, found in the artwork and accessories, against a crisp white backdrop. An abundance of board games stacked in their rightful place, underneath a highly-efficient Stûv fireplace, proves that creating a stylish space for family living within a relatively small footprint is attainable.

Horizontal windows create cool shadows when the sun comes in and allows light to come through, while also giving privacy”

Mary Taggart

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