Positive power of yellowPublished on May 22, 2018

Photo provided by Pixers

Finding the right colour scheme for a baby’s nursery is a daunting task. Of course sleep is an important aspect of the space, yet creating a cheerful place that a baby will grow into and relish their time in is an ideal goal as well.

Yellow, used in just the right doses, is a good choice for a child’s room. The colour is uplifting and reputed to raise spirits, promoting joy and happiness. The many shades, from a soft buttery tone to a lively golden hue, offer endless possibilities for bringing vibrancy into the room.
Colour therapists suggest using yellow to help alleviate digestive issues and jaundice, but warn of its aggressive powers and ability to aggravate sleep issues, so balance is essential.

Thought to increase concentration and sharpen the mind, yellow is an important early-life-stage colour. Combined with a strong neutral like grey, yellow is an effective choice. Walls painted in a muddied tone balance the energetic colour, while allowing pops of yellow to energize the space without creating chaos. Using the sunny side of this colour will be sure to have a positive effect on sleep-deprived, nervous new parents.
Walking into a space that conjures feelings of joy will work to enhance the power of positive energy flowing from the room. Yellow also works beautifully with elements of nature. Fun murals like Pixers Animals of the World complement the colour scheme.

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Mary Taggart

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