Local micro-producers deliver big flavour in small batchesPublished on May 31, 2017

  • Top Shelf Preserves

  • The Vintage Cookie Jar

  • True Bee Honey

  • Alicja Confections

  • Culture Kombucha

Ottawa is often described as a big small town, and one with a true passion for supporting local businesses. In our culinary scene, we’re fortunate to have scores of talented micro-producers who create small batches of unique, delicious products enjoyed by chefs, home cooks and consumers across the city.

Whether made from farm-fresh produce, ethically-sourced elements or organic ingredients, it typically takes loads of experimentation, and a lot of attention to detail, to get these products ready for market. Our collective taste buds are fortunate for their innovative efforts. Here’s a quick look at some of our city’s most inventive microproducers.

Top Shelf Preserves
Jams, pickles and preserves in unique flavour combinations with loads of seasonal options. Bestsellers include Pickled Beets, Maraschino Cherries and Spicy Pickled Carrots: topshelfpreserves.ca

The Vintage Cookie Jar
Delicious artistry in the form of custom-cookie creations for any occasion, plus cookie-decorating workshops and a line of unique cookie cutters too: thevintagecookiejar.ca

True Bee Honey
The Peachey family apiary, with more than 600 hives, yields over 100,000 pounds of honey annually. All products are unpasteurized, with raw honey the most popular: truebee.ca

Alicja Confections
20 flavours of handmade Postcard chocolate bars, with a new one added each month. Bestsellers include The Nicholas Bar, Party in My Mouth and the Hippy Bar: alicjaconfections.com

Culture Kombucha
Bubbly, fermented tea is enjoyed for its health benefits. Culture Kombucha’s six refreshing varieties include the popular Ginger and Sour Cherry Vanilla: culturekombucha.ca

Paula Roy

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